Trevor Hager is a musician and writer from Nashville, Tennessee. He was a Hollywood contestant on the 2015 season of American Idol. Trevor grew up in the mountains of Southwest Virginia in the small town of Wise where he was highly impacted by bullying at a young age. During middle school and high school years he struggled to find friends and wondered where he fit in.

For over 3 years he has been touring in schools across the Unites States and Europe, encouraging students to make good choices and be good to each other. Trevor strives to help students understand the gravity and long-term effects of the decisions they are making today. He shares from personal testimony just how powerful our words and actions can be. With his youthful energy, impactful stories, and adrenaline filled lifestyle, Trevor captivates the attention of the students and has a strong impact on their lives. He hopes to bring a strong emphasis on treating others well, and living life "outside of the screen", encouraging kids to turn their phones off and live in the world in front of them. 

"There is nothing like music to help break down the walls of those who won't listen to a word you have to say. Music is a universal language, and when you sing songs that students know, they instantly relate and connect with you in a powerful way. Kids these days need to know that life isn't lived inside of a screen. They need to know that the decisions they make today could affect the rest of their lives in a positive or negative way!" -Trevor Hager